Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book Plots I'd Love to See

Here's a list of plots I'd love to see in a book:
  • Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy buys an Xbox and a large pizza.
  • A vampire and a werewolf hook up and go to buy a love seat, only to discover, tragically, that they disagree on the choice of fabric.
  • A gritty police detective wins a trip to Hawaii in the middle of a brutal murder investigation, has a very pleasant stay, and returns to discover that the case is all wrapped up.
  • A budding concert pianist approaches the performance of her life and does an okay job.
  • Girl meets boy, girl wins boy, boy buys an Xbox and a large pizza with the girl's money.
  • After writing several ridiculous plot lines, a writer stops blogging and gets back to work.

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