Monday, February 27, 2012

Yogandicard vs. Edward

Why do I have a picture of
Robert Pattinson (aka, Edward)
walking in front of a Walmart sign?
Because Walmart is awesome.
If you haven't noticed from my new blog layout, major changes are afoot. I've hired an assistant who actually knows what she is doing. Amazing, I know. My online presence is about as good as my offline presence, which means that unless you visit Walmart at two in the morning or live in the cramped confines of a Redbox, you probably haven't seen or heard from me for a while.

My apologies. I finished the third draft of The Legend Thief a short time ago (at five in the morning after countless sleepless nights) and I'm waiting to hear from Courtney (my editor at Simon & Schuster) on whether there will be a fourth draft. Additionally, I'm working on some new books, visiting conferences and classrooms, and trying to beat a wicked level in Dungeon Siege 3. Okay, I've really only played it twice since finishing draft three, but that's more recreation than I've done in the last six months.

What I'm saying is, I've been busy. It's a lame excuse. If I had a better one, I would use it.

I've hired Diana (my assistant) to help me coordinate, and to schedule events that will lure me out of my cave and into the burning light of day (it burns, it burns!).

I can't promise that I will be a more consistent blogger, or that I will visit your school and/or stop spying on you at work, but I can promise that I might, if it's convenient and if I feel like it that day. I'd like to say I'll try, but I have a mini angel Yoda on my shoulder talking about "doing" and the devil Yoda has gone out to lunch. Invisible Gandalf has taken his place, and he just started beat-boxing with angel Yoda; I hope robo-Captain Picard doesn't show up, or this could get very ugly, very fast. You really don't want to see what happens when they transform into Yogandicard--Voltron's nemesis. Trust me, the beat-boxing doesn't get any better.

If you are a teacher, librarian, or other educator type, and you'd like me to visit your school, check out the soon-to-be completed "For Teachers" tab and contact Diana ( for more information. No spammers, or I will sick Yogandicard on you.

Diana is also organizing a blog tour. If you are a blogger of any kind, even if you've featured me or Return to Exile before, take a look at the "Return to Exile Blog Tour" tab. We're going to do all sorts of giveaways and promotions, so sign up.

Finally, you'll notice a "sign up for my newsletter" widget somewhere to the left. I'm planning to send out a newsletter once a quarter, at most, and more likely twice a year. The free newsletter will contain exclusive bits of info, news, stories, and art from the world of The Hunter Chronicles (and whatever else I want to include), so once again--be the first person on your block to own a brand new biodegradable newsletter (no bits are harmed in the making of this newsletter, though some are frequently electrocuted).

That's all for now. I need to step away and have a word with Yogandicard (don't ask).


Diana said...

Thanks for the intro!

This video documents what happened after Yogandicard and Voltron duked it out. So sad for my childhood hero.

J Washburn said...

dear assistant, the blog looks awesome. just one quick comment: it's too wide. i'm using a macbook, which admittedly have abysmally low resolutions, but the blog is too wide to fit on the screen. aside from that, it looks super sharp. : )

eric, congrats on the third draft! can't wait to read it. and it's great to have you blogging again. : )

Diana said...

Thank you, Travis! I'll fix it soon!

Anonymous said...

You're blog looks very nice! Also great job finishing up your story, and yes you should step out into the sunlight sometime!

HarryLuper said...

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