Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pretty Pictures

On Sunday, I returned from a ten day writing retreat in the mountains of Southern Utah. I spent five of those days with four other authors, two days alone, and three days with my wife and kids. Just so you don't feel left out, I took some pictures.

Views along the canyon leading to Lower Calf Creek Falls.

More canyon views.

More canyon.

My family approaching Lower Calf Creek Falls. 

The picture doesn't do it justice. The falls are 155' tall and the cliffs lean out over the top of you. The water is freezing, but in the hot summer months, it's the perfect end to a three mile hike (six miles round trip).

The Burr Trail. My grandfather gave the state much of the gravel for the Burr Trail. In exchange, the state built a small lake on his property and he stocked it with fish.

Driving along the Burr Trail.

More Burr Trail views.

This tonic was in the cupboard of my uncle's ranch house where I stayed. I've visited the house at various times over the last thirty years, and this bottle has been in the cupboard for as long as I can remember. I expect that someday, it will come to life and ravage the town. 
There you go. I hope you feel included. If you haven't been to southern Utah, you are missing out. The drive over Boulder Mountain is quite possibly the most beautiful drive on the planet as you look out over Lower Bowns Reservoir and the red cliffs of Capitol Reef National Park.

In other news, the blog tour is still going on. Check out the calender for more information. There are still plenty of giveaways and interviews coming up. I'll end the giveaway for The Legend Thief ARC when the ARC arrives, so enter if you haven't already because I have no idea when that will be.

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