Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just A Flesh Wound

Still alive. I had surgery about three weeks ago--my fourth in roughly a year, as it turns out. The upside to all the cutting is that I've now learned enough medical jargon to fulfill my dream of writing Boogie Schnauzer, Dog M.D. The downside, of course, is that I have such terrible dreams.

But I'm better now and hopefully my dreams will improve and whoever has my voodoo doll will stop poking it long enough for me to write another book.

In other news, quantum mechanics is complicated.

That is all.


Hortenseleck said...

great to hear that!Still anticipating the 3rd book of the hunter chronicles.The cliffhanger in book 2 was great!

John Robertson said...

I've never met you but my son and I enjoy your books, particularly your wit and sense of humor, and I hope you see better days soon.

And I didn't realize that voodoo chew toy we gave the cats looks so oddly like you. I'll take it away tomorrow. Unless I forget.

GhostWolfe81 said...

Hey, glad your doing well! It's been a long while since I've read the series and man did they give me impatience! I was wondering what was happening to you if you were slacking off or something but I understand now the problem you've been going through and feel awful for you.
;(. I've got plenty of health problems as you but not as series as surgery. Anyway, hope you feel better and stay healthy! :)

Little Buddy said...

Have you Abandoned / Forsaken us. Will the story ever continue. Where have you gone.