Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Website

Just a quick update since I'm under deadline for the second Hunter Chronicles book and I really should be working on that.
  • The website for Return to Exile is now online. You can visit it at or We'll build it out more in the future, adding animations and such, but for now you can read up on some of the monsters, search out a few lost stories, and read my bio.
  • BEA (BookExpo America) was a huge success (so I'm told). Simon & Schuster gave out over three hundred copies of my book.
  • Return to Exile is also circulating in Hollywood at the moment. My agents submitted it to over twenty production companies last week. Hopefully I'll have more to share soon.
Okay. Now back to book two...


Joe said...
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E. J. Patten said...

(Thank you Joe and Max! Your comment made my day! I'm re-posting it here with a wee bit of a spoiler removed...)

Joe said...

This is Joe and Max, a father and son who received your book at BEA (I'm an author too) from a very nice S&S bookseller who heard about the age of my son - 9 - and ran to get me a copy of Return to Exile - saying "Your son will love it." Well... I thought you might like to hear what my son says:

Max - I loved your book. I like fantasy a lot and I especially liked this book because I love the idea of hidden monsters and worlds. I liked Sky's instincts with battling Errand and forcing himself not to follow Errand's violent thoughts. My favorite part is when he finds out (...spoiler removed...). I was so excited to read this book because my friend is always reading whatever I read so I don't really get a chance to read something before anyone else. Now because I got an advanced reader's copy of your book, Return to Exile, none of my friends can read it but me! I know it will be a long time from now but I'm looking forward to the next book.

Joe - The S&S bookseller was terrific and I'm very grateful to her for handing me a copy of your book. As you can tell, my son really enjoyed it. The day I brought it home he picked it up, dropped his other books and started reading it. I'm up for reading it next! Good luck with it.

Vonna said...

I'm jealous of Max! I just saw an ad for Return to Exile on Publishers Weekly and I can't wait to red the book. It looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

mr. patten,

i am an internet bookseller interested in stocking your book. would it be possible to send them directly to you for your signature, sir, with return postage guaranteed? i was born in 1954, twenty years before you, so i am kinda feeble when it comes to blogs etc. i trust i haven't violated protocol by using this means. is my address. THANKS.