Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blog Tour Giveaways

Maybe once a century, a blog tour comes along that's so unbelievably epic, so grandiose in scale and size, that it cannot be contained on a single Internet. This is not that blog tour, but it's still pretty cool. 

Nearly thirty amazing blogs have signed up to host the tour, which runs from April 4-18. Some of the blogs will interview me, others will review the book, and still others will host giveaways, so stop by each blog during the tour to find unique info and swag!

As part of the tour, a few of the blogs (tbd) will be giving away a "Mother-Daughter Hunter's Bracelet" (see below).

Bracelets when separate
Bracelets when linked
In Return to Exile, Crystal—the leader of the monster hunters—wears a bracelet that resembles a strand of DNA. The bracelet is a twin to one worn by her mother, who disappeared years earlier. While striving to stay alive within the terrible creature known as the Jack, Crystal recovers her mother's bracelet and links the two strands together into a single band—a memento of the mother she lost.

Single bracelet worn by my wife
The Mother-Daughter Hunter’s Bracelet, handmade by my own mother, is made up of two strands—one for mother, one for daughter—that can be worn separately, or combined into a single bracelet, a symbol of the connection and love they will forever share. Each pair will come with a signed and numbered card that tells the story of the bracelet (what you just read), and each will be unique. I came up with the bracelet concept for Return to Exile, and my mom, my brother, and I worked together to come up with this design. We donated the first of these to the Writing for Charity auction last week, and it seemed to be a big hit. There's nothing like it anywhere, and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. Seriously, the photos don't do it justice.
Unlinked bracelets worn by my wife and daughter
So most guys will think this is pretty cheesy. Don't worry, I'm working on cool "guy" giveaways to.

If you haven't signed up to host the blog tour, and you're interested in discussing Return to Exile on your blog, it's not too late. Use the form on the blog tour site to sign up. At this point, the deadline has passed to get a free review copy of Return to Exile, but if you already have a copy, and/or you just want to join in, please sign up! 

If you can't join in the blog tour, but you'd like to do something in the future, contact my assistant Diana Ault:

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor (sorry, it's The Hunger Games movie release week and I'm contractually obligated to say this (not really, but if I don't, Katniss will hunt me down, and then I'd have to sick Sky and Phineas on her, and everything would get entirely too messy)).


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