Monday, August 8, 2011

Bieber Dams

Mollusks appear to be unpopular among blog readers, while biebers appear to be the bees knees. Not sure why; what do biebers have over mollusks? So what if biebers can build dams and chew down trees with their sharp, oversized teeth; does that make them better than mollusks? I don't think so...

Sorry. Just googled bieber; apparently he's some kind of singer? I thought that spelling seemed odd. Oh well. Either way, I stand by my original position.

For those of you reading my posts in the hopes of finding actual information, I should have a book update later this week, and maybe I'll do another bit on writing tips soon.

Less than one month to the release of Return to Exile! Rock on Bieber fans! Someday you'll be as cool as mollusks!


Burke said...

This is the quality content that is missing from today's "pundits". Keep it coming.

EJ Patten said...

I couldn't agree more. If Rush said stuff like this, I might actually listen to them...just looked it up; apparently there's also some pundit named Rush Limbaugh...?